#SFGSpring has Arrived

Wednesday marked the first full squad workout of the 2014 #SFGiants at Scottsdale Stadium.  Pitchers & Catchers have been working out since Saturday, so a few familiar faces joined them on the field.  Fundamentals were stressed including base running drills, pop-ups, ground outs, and live BP.  Take a look at some of the highlights through Social Media:


Stronger Together #SFGiants

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#SFGSpring….it's on #SFGiants

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Welcome Angel Pagan and the 1st #SFGiants Full Squad workout this #SFGSpring

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#SFGiants 1st Full Squad workout #sfgspring

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#SFGiants fans, meet Michael Morse's swing….in Slow-Mo #SFGiants #sfgspring

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Fundamentals of #SFGSpring – #SFGiants

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Air Panda #SFGiants #sfgspring

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Guess what day it is……

Those four words that mean so much to baseball fans – PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT.  Well, wait no longer, the day is finally here.  And beginning at 9am on Friday, you will be able to watch it LIVE streaming through the world wide web at SFGiants.com/Live.  However, a number of #SFGiants were at camp early, getting into the groove.  Let’s take a look at the day before the BIG DAY


#PitchersandCatchers report tomorrow. That didn't stop anyone from reporting early. #SFGiants #SFGSpring.

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#SFGiants | Step into the batting cage through the eye of #GoogleGlass #sfgspring

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Now batting, Brandon Crawford (in Slo-Mo) #SFGiants #sfgspring

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See you tomorrow at 9am on SFGIANTS.COM

Twitter in Morse Code

This week, #SFGiants Right Fielder Michael Morse returned to Twitter under the handle @MCode38.  We introduced Morse to the #SFGiants nation on Twitter during Fan Fest Weekend.



Giants Fans are still learning of “The Beast’s” personality and his twitter feed definitely lives up the hype.  Check out some of his latest posts.  And for a complete list of the @SFGiants on twiter, visit here.


2014 #SFGiants Town Hall

Back on Friday, January 31st, the Giants came together for the taping of the 1st Inside the Clubhouse, Town Hall.  In front of a select number of Giants Season Ticket Holders, Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow moderated this lively discussion, catching us up on what everyone did this offseason.  We also got a chance to meet some of the newer Giants, Michael Morse and David Huff.  Here are some of the best tweets from the night followed by the Town Hall in it’s entirety:


Had a good time at the SF Giants Town Hall #SFGLive #SFGiants

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@hunterpence and @g_kontos hanging out during the town hall! #sfglive #sfgiants #sanfranciscogiants

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On stage now @g_kontos @hunterpence @heathhembree @ Michael Morse #sfglive #sfgiants

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Watch the 2014 Inside the Clubhouse: Town Hall


It’s more than a slogan.  It’s a phrase that #SFGiants fans have become famous for.  Their loyalty and dedication are second to none.  With only 4 days until Pitchers & Catchers report, let’s highlight some of our favorite #SFGiants Fan Posts:

One Day Closer to #SFGSpring

With only 4 days until #SFGiants pitchers and catchers report to camp in Scottsdale, the Orange and Black are working hard to get ready for the season. Let’s catch up with our guys to see what they’ve been up to the past few weeks:

Hunter Pence vs Car

Playing in the Mountains ⚡️🗻⚡️

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Gregor Blanco…Quick Feet

Go hard.. work hard. Be the best..

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George Kontos: #HotelRoomCatch

Pablo Sandoval proving less is more

Jeremy Affeldt vs Car the sequel

Affeldt winning #DadStrength

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#SFGFest – A perfect mix of sunshine, #SFGiants players, fans and Orange Jerseys!

On Saturday, 35,000 #SFGiants fans clad in Orange & Black descended upon AT&T Park for the 21st Annual Giants/KNBR Fan Fest.  Image

Among the highlights were the many autograph and photograph booths around the park, the Q&A Stages, as well as fans exploring the Clubhouse, dugouts and centerfield of AT&T Park.  Every Giant in attendance was donning their new #OrangeFriday Jerseys.  Here’s a look back through the eyes of Social Media


With Lou Seal showing off his 2 rings. #sfgfest #sfg #sfgiants #louseal

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#juliebear she's a #sfgiants fan. #cutiepie #sfgfest #funday #panda

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Greatest moment of fan fest. #sfgfest #sanfranciscogiants #timlincecum #giants #favoriteplayer

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From yesterday! #SFGFest

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so I had a very successful 2024 fan fest 😊 I met Bochy, Pence (who was a lot more shy than I thought when I met him) and Lincecum (who was all smiles today and was suuuuper sweet ☺). I watched this Q&A and these three were hilarious! I sure missed these boys! this is a pic of when they sang a fan happy birthday! such good guys 😂👌I also ran into @janaya_tapang! i figured i'd run into someone from the SFG IG community! and then after fan fest I had my first Belt Melt at @themelt which was really good! ||| hope everyone who went to fan fest today had a fun time! I know I did! even if you didn't get the autograph from someone you wanted, it's all about the experience! ||| pic creds to @/imjustagiantsfan on tumblr (who I think is @sflove55 ?) nice pic! lol #sfgfest #fanfest #sfgiants #hunterpence #mattcain #timlincecum

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A pleasant distraction 😊 #SFGFest #SFGiants

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#SFGFest #TheGreats #AuthenticFan #500Club

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#SFGMediaDay 2014

Not quite as big as the Super Bowl Media Day, but definitely more entertaining, the @SFGiants held their annual Media Day at AT&T Park.  For many players, this is the 1st time they get to see each other after the offseason.  After a brief team meeting, the team got to preview some of the new promotion items, as well meet the media. Here’s what you missed:

The #RomoTakeOver

On Thursday night, #SFGiants closer @SergioRomo54 took over the @Warriors account during the 2nd quarter.  The Warriors defeated the LA Clippers 111-92, and Romo dominated the night….Here are some highlights:

@sergioromo54 taking over the @Warriors twitter account tonight. Follow along #RomoTakeover #SFGiants

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2014 #SFGiants Commercial Campaign

The 2014 #SFGiants television commercial production got underway as Wednesday kicked off 3 days of filming at AT&T Park.  The script and spots have been kept under wraps, but here are some previews that were released via Social Media from Day 1

@hunterpence taking some hacks in the mini park as part of the 2014 #SFGiants commercials.

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Caption this pic of @SergioRomo54 as he films a commercial for the 2014 campaign.

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