Operation Panda for the Rest of Us

By popular demand, I asked Ben Pontenziano, the Giants’ fitness strength and conditioning coach — and mastermind behind Operation Panda — for fitness tips for those of us who can’t work out for five hours a day like Pablo.

Here’s some basic advice as we head into the holidays:

1. Go for a walk at the beginning of the day and then after dinner. Walk with family members and spend time together getting outside. Throwing a football around with family is always fun and you burn calories running around.

2. Try to continue with your regular workout routine during the holidays. Time can be an issue, but make time for yourself and stick to it. The key to a successful diet/workout is a routine. You have your plan and then carry it out. Go to the gym at your normal time. If it’s not open for Thanksgiving, take your routine outside or in your home. Your cardio can be running, biking or running on the treadmill if you have one. Walking is a great low impact exercise, which you can do for 45 minutes to an hour. If you have any exercise equipment in your house you can perform a full body workout with what little you may have or just your body weight. There is no excuse for not doing a core workout. That can also be done with med balls or cable machines. Use your imagination and challenge yourself.

Next post: How to eat at parties and holiday dinners without gaining weight.


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