Vote for Bengie. Now. Go on. Ill Wait.

Let’s get Bengie on the All-Star Team. He is the heart and soul of this Giants team. Even when he’s struggling at the plate, Bengie contributes to every game – and every win — in ways that don’t show up in the box score. No one is more respected in the clubhouse than Bengie.

It’s time we do something for him – get out the vote. Tell all your friends. Vote as many times as you can.

Here’s a great column by Paul Gutierrez, a writer for the Sacramento Bee (and the great Amy Gutierrez’s husband). He captures perfectly why we should vote for Bengie.


SAN FRANCISCO – Walked into AT&T Park on Tuesday afternoon, was making my way to the press box through the bowels of the waterfront park when a stand filled with colorful paper caught my eye.

Major League Baseball’s 2009 official All-Star ballot.

So I opened it up, gave it a once, twice, three-times over and punched out one “chad,” the one pick I am most confident of seven weeks before the Midsummer Classic.


Say what? Atlanta’s Brian McCann has better statistics, and Bengie’s not even the best catcher in the N.L. West (paging the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Russell Martin), let alone in his own family (St. Louis’ Yadier Molina is all the rage)? Maybe. But while the All-Star Game’s starters are rightly in the fans’ voting hands, those same fans have the opportunity to do the right thing. That is, to vote Bengie in as the senior circuit’s starting catcher.

“It would mean the world to me, amazing, a dream come true, the best,” he said. “But the way I’m playing right now … ” Molina’s voice trailed off, and that was before the first update on All-Star balloting was released and he was not in the top five. Instead, Yadier led with 451,368 votes, followed by Milwaukee’s Jason Kendall (383,773), Houston’s Ivn Rodrguez (292,496), Martin (261,917) and McCann (227,564).

Molina has a vote in this corner, however, and more than a few in the Giants’ clubhouse. Brian Wilson, who last year said neither he nor Tim Lincecum would have been All-Stars without Molina, has some advice for Giants fans.

“They should talk to fans from other teams,” Wilson said. “They should get people from other states to start voting (for Bengie).

” ‘Deserving’ is a tough word. No one ever deserves to be an All-Star – you earn it … he’s done everything in his power to earn it.”

Sure, Molina’s in a bad stretch at the plate, 2 for his last 34. But he got off to such a hot start that the most unlikely of cleanup hitters is on pace to hit a career-high 29 home runs with 108 RBIs.

Plus, his 314 putouts lead all big-league catchers, and the 10 runners he has thrown out are tied for third-most in the game.

And he deftly handles and massages one of the most-feared rotations in the game, as well as the reigning N.L. Cy Young Award winner in Lincecum.

But beyond Molina’s numbers, there are the intangibles the two-time Gold Glover who has never been an All-Star brings.

“I hate to think, not that we’re anywhere, but we would not be close to .500 without him,” admitted manager Bruce Bochy. “He was carrying us for a while. Everybody goes through (a slump), and he’s going through it now. Bengie’s not taking it behind the plate with him, though.

“You can have a good game behind the plate without getting a hit.”

Spoken like the catcher Bochy was.

“He has a different point of view on how to get guys out,” said Giants pitcher Matt Cain. “I’ve had catchers that maybe want to make (hitters) look bad or do different things, but he just wants to get guys out. He doesn’t care how – he’s just like, ‘Let’s just get them out.’ “

A decent assassin behind the plate who is also more than deserving of the nod? Get out the vote.


I’ll vote for Bengie!


VOTE FOR BENGIE! I agree with everything this article says, except the thing about russell martin (was anyone else shocked he’s canadian?). They let you vote 25 times, but if you go into your internet browser settings and delete any cookies from you can vote 25 more times, and so on, as long as you like. They gotta give us one all-star so lets make it Bengi.

Cmon, Joan. I read one paragraph and stopped:

1. Bengie, who we all love, does not deserve the ASG nod unless/until he improves his average. .253? Really?!? And you pick right now to beat the drum for the ASG? Poor timing, to say the least.
2. There is nothing about Amy G that is “great.” She, along with Renel, is just plain mediocre at her job. She is the kind of hire that makes you wonder “if she were either not a female or had a more anglo surname, would she even have been given an interview?” She’s dull; fortunately she’s limited to puff pieces pregame with softball questions. I fast forward her now. Wish I could do the same for Renel when I’m at the park.

As I’m typing this message – my chest is beating quicktime/doubletime (very rapidly) because I’m sure it will strike a cord with many. I AM NOT VOTING FOR BENGIE ! ! ! There I typed it. It’s the truth – I believe he is a great catcher, and a great hitter, but it’s his running / lack of speed that hinders his status. He appears to be a great person in general but – one incident that sticks in my mind – a game in 2008 – I guess it was in Sep – BENGIE and SCOTT McCLAIN were both stuck on 2nd base and BENGIE points down as if to tell Scott (touch base) that was the funniest error I ever seen in my short lifetime of being a Gigante fan.! ! ! !

How about Aaron Rowand, or even Randy Winn? Both have been great…so has Molina, but Rowand has a higher OBP, slugging %, higher average and more extra base hits. Bengie is good too, but it always seems like more of a popularity contest with these things.


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