Murph and Mac

Listening to the Giants on KNBR. I’m trying to get some writing done, but I have the radio on in the background. It’s the radio we had in the kitchen in our house in New Jersey when I was growing up in the 1960s. Still works and still carrying baseball games through its weird little speakers.

I listen to KNBR a lot, especially in the morning. I am a huge fan of Murph and Mac. Who isn’t? They’re smart and funny, and Murph does the best interviews. Even if the topic of an interview isn’t of general interest to me, I listen anyway because I know Murph and Mac (and my old friend Dan Dibley) will find a way to make it interesting.

And they love the Giants.

So it’s been fun listening to their spirited discussions about the Giants’ choosing a seventh-inning song. Like any true fan, they take the choice personally. The song reflects not only on the team they love so much but it reflects on them – on all of us. The song can’t be a clich, or over-exposed, or bubble-gummy, or a rip-off of some other team’s song.

The real challenge, I think, is that the song in some way ought to capture the vibrancy and quirkiness of San Francisco, the beauty and history of the city and the game of baseball, the deep roots of rock n’ roll and the iconic artists who came of age here.

Murph and Mac have been pushing “Lights” by Journey. I like “Lights.” It might be the right song.

But there are so many great choices – and you’ve been suggesting a ton of them. Keep them coming. Let’s keep our minds open. This is a decision we have to live with for 81 games a season. We want to feel connected to the team and the Bay Area every time we hear it burst through the speakers.

Yes, there are more pressing decisions in the world to be made, bigger problems in life that deserve our energy. But, frankly, with the economy going in the tank and Pakistan exploding and Lindsay Lohan enduring a personal crisis, I welcome a distraction. This is when we need baseball the most, and when we need to take very seriously the important work of choosing the perfect seventh-inning song.

I am enjoying all the comments that detail the criteria that ought to go into choosing this perfect song. They help frame the discussion.

Maybe when we gather all of your suggestions, Murph and Mac will help the Giants narrow the list to a dozen or so. And then we’ll vote.

Let’s hope our voters aren’t the same ones who voted Allison off of American Idol last night. I mean, really. Chris and Danny over Allison? What are people thinking?


I was listening to them talk about the song thing, too! Wasn’t this on Monday or Tuesday morning? I love listening to Murph and Mac. But I have to say, I disagree with one thing they said. I don’t remember the exact words they said, but I think they said something like baseball isn’t one of those sports where you need to get the fans all pumped up and crazy. I think it’s great when the fans start going crazy to try to get the Giants to start a rally or something. But Lights is still cool.:/

Since it seems we have a problem at first base, has Nate Scherholtz ever had any innings there?. I still believe Nate has a live bat, but we’ll never know unless he gets some at bats.
The thought of playing Uribe doesn’t make sense, what ever happened to our “youth movement”. Where have you gone Jesus Guzman?.

“Lights” by Journey is a good choice. Very SF.

What about Lincecum’s suggestion of “Hey Baby” by Bruce Channel? Not a lot of SF or Giants connection that I can see, but it is a great song for a crowd to get into. Very upbeat and fun.

Another suggestion: “Twist and Shout” by the Beatles. Picture the parade scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Plus the Beatles last concert together was at Candlestick Park, former home of the Giants.

I really like Murph and Mac too. I also like listening to Damon Bruce. love Giants talk! lol Oh and Ralph and Tom, cause Ralph gets worked up about the Giants. Im a die hard like these guys.

~ King of Cali

You are by far the best of the best…my morning would not be complete without listening to your program…I have but one comment on my all time favorit baseball teem…..and it hurtS to say the following….THE GIANTS ARE DIED!….A FAN OF YOURS AND THEIRS….PAUL

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