A Night in San Jose

I did a double take when I saw pitcher Sergio Romo with his teammates at the Giants fan event at the Britannia Arms restaurant in downtown San Jose last night.

Romo’s round baby face was lean and angular. Last season he almost could have passed for a guy who played on the company softball team. Now he looks ready for the San Francisco marathon.

I told him he looked great and asked how much weight he lost.

“Last time I checked, about 12 pounds,” he said. “People here (with the Giants) are taking me seriously, so I’ve got to take it seriously, too.”

He played fall ball in Mexicali, Mexico, then attended the Giants’ three-week conditioning camp in Scottsdale. He continued training at home in Yuma, forgoing a vacation.

“(The trainers) took the time to teach me what I should be doing, and I saw what a difference it made,” Romo said.


Here is the first thing I heard when the team arrived at the Brit Arms into a crowd of fans:

That little kid? He looks like the kid that rides the bus to the mall in Santa Cruz!”

The incredulous woman’s companion had just pointed out the 2008 Cy Young Award winner.



Rookie RH pitcher Joe Martinez — signing autographs at a table between Steve Holm and Kevin Frandsen — went straight from the instructional league in November to Columbia High School in Maplewood, N.J.

Since he was signed by the Giants out of Boston College in 2005, Martinez has earned a few bucks every off-season by working at a substitute teacher.

“He teaches whatever class they need him to teach – gym, Spanish,” said his girlfriend, Lindsay Harrington. The two met while students at BC. Harrington works at a public relations firm in Boston.

Alex Hinshaw’s fianc, Courtney, is much more comfortable going into this season than she was last year when Hinshaw was a rookie.

“I was a little intimidated and a little worried about what we were going to find when Alex was called up to San Francisco. But there are so many good guys here. I can’t imagine there’s any other team like this. We feel really lucky.

“Brian Wilson and Barry Zito have been amazing,” she said. “And Jack Taschner. I commend them on how they’ve helped him grow. They gave him a taste of the nightlife and a taste of responsibility. A little bit of everything.”

She and Hinshaw met at San Diego State. Courtney was a basketball player and would have liked to become a high school coach.

“But this has always been his dream,” she said. “So I’m putting that first. He’s had such a tough time getting here, so I want to help him see this through. I get so much joy from seeing him so happy.”

The two plan to get married in November in Oregon, where Courtney’s parents live.


Look for another post later today from the players’ meetings with new managing general partner Bill Neukom, media interviews and lunch with the Giants office staff.


Lincecum at Britannia Arms:

Lincecum San Jose.jpg

Lincecum San Jose 2.jpg


It’s good to hear that Sergio is taking things seriously. Hope you guys have a good season.


Wonderful info, keep up the good work!

I’m rooting for Romo, he seemed like a really nice, regular guy when I saw him interviewed for a pre-game show (or was it post-game?). Doesn’t hurt that he’s a good pitcher too! :^)

I like the personal info on their life outside baseball, their concerns, etc.

LET THE PARTIES BEGIN ! ! ! Sounds like everyone is having a “BLAST” Its great to hear all about the positive energy the players are generating – you guys are best- ENJOY IT!. Keep the blood warm and the tempers cool.
Next chapter: Blood, Sweat and Tears – and Tanning (spring training). Hey guys, Good Luck and Best Wishes for 2009 The Year of the Ox.

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