Cover Boy

Tim Lincecum walked into the room at AT&T Park where Giants Magazine had set up cameras for a photo shoot.

“Hi, mom,” he said when he saw me.

I had been dogging him during the off -season with text messages, a couple phone calls and one email. He never wrote or called back. I wanted to see how he was doing. He is not the most comfortable public speaker, and winning the Cy Young has thrust him into one situation after another that requires him to deliver a few words. He isn’t much older than my son, so I found myself last season doting on him a little bit, worrying about how he was handling the pressure and the attention.

He was absolutely fine, of course. It was just the mother in me.

“I have had absolutely NO time for anything,” he said as the photographers set up a photo of him holding the Cy Young plaque. “I barely had time to return calls to my girlfriend much less anyone else.”

Now he’s working out every day for about three hours at AT&T with the Giants trainers. His girlfriend, who is from New Jersey but lives in Florida, worked out with him before the photo shoot. They met last year at spring training.

Tim said he hasn’t done any traveling just for fun or much of anything for fun since the season ended. His agent has kept him too busy. He did make time to get braces, though they’re the kind on the back of his teeth so you can’t see them. The highlight of the off-season was getting a French bulldog puppy the day after he won the Cy Young. He drove up with his roommate to Mt. Shasta to pick up the dog, and as they brainstormed about names, his roommate suggested Cy and it stuck.

Tim’s roommate is a friend from high school who now works in Palo Alto. They take Cy to run around Crissy Field.

“I assume he’s housebroken?” I asked.

“Uh, we’re still working on it,” Tim said.


I don’t know, I think he should have called “mom” before the girlfriend! lol!


Wow, thanks for the story on Tim Lincecum!! He is my absolute favorite player ever, and I love all stories written about him. You actually answered a lot of questions I had about him that I didn’t even ask!! Thanks so much! I actually have one more question, though – when my friends and I refer to him, we call him “Timmy”. Does he mind when people call him that?

I remember a few years back when the Rays thought about drafting him, and to this day I have not heard the reason they passed on him.

But, it worked out fantastic for him and the Giants, so all is good. Fantastic story and it is great to see he is that humble guy you always thought he might be by his appearances in television interviews.

And he got to throw to my buddy Bengie Molina. He will have a long career, and it sounds like a normal life compared to some ballplayers. Good for him!

Rays Renegade

Joan, you have the best job! I hope i can have this oppertunity some day. Great story on Tim, he’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like spring training will be a nice break from the busy offseason. Love your blog!

I wish I had your job, cause I would love to be around all these players and talk to them. Just don’t want them calling me mom. lol jk😉

~King of Cali

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