The Fifth Beatle

Jim Moorehead, Giants’ senior media relations director, flew back to New York over the weekend to watch Tim Lincecum accept his Cy Young Award at the Hilton Hotel. Jim says Tim looked dapper in his black-tie tuxedo, though his floppy hair had people calling him the fifth Beatle. And he seems to be almost as popular – the Giants are constantly deluged with requests for appearances and memorabilia and interviews. Tim’s doing a lot of it, but he’s not one to seek the spotlight. So the Giants are trying not to lay too much on him too soon.

After Jeff Idelson, president of the Baseball Hall of Fame, introduced Tim as the NL Cy Young winner, Tim — a man of few words, at least publicly – succinctly thanked all the right people — the Baseball Writers of America, which sponsors the awards, the Giants’ organization, his family, his teammates.

Then he thrust the plaque in the air, leaned into the microphone and said, “This is for you, Pops!”

At a table in the audience sat Lincecum’s dad, who famously invented his son’s unusual pitching mechanics and raised him as a single dad after Tim’s parents split. Also at the table were Lincecum’s girlfriend, his agent Rich Thurman, Bill Neukom, Larry Baer, Bobby Evans, John Barr, Dick Tidrow and Moorehead.

Lincecum will be at the ballpark Thursday for a photo shoot for Giants Magazine, so I’ll try to catch up with him then and fill you in on what he’s been doing during the last few months (besides photo shoots, interviews and accepting awards).

Another highlight of the awards dinner in NY, says Jim: Former Yankee Bernie Williams playing a wonderful rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on his guitar. Now that he’s retired, Williams says, he is devoting himself to music, which has been such a passion that as a teenager he nearly chose it over baseball as a career.

Programming Note: The next “Inside the Clubhouse” on Comcast airs Friday, Feb. 6, at 7. This one features Jon Miller, Bruce Bochy, Kevin Frandsen and the reborn Fred Lewis. (See my earlier post on Fred’s lively appearance at this event.)

My excused absence: I was away at the Inauguration during the early part of last week, so that’s my excuse for being a little lax in writing. Had a great time, though I admit I gave away my standing-room tickets to the event itself. I knew, from standing in line for 90 minutes the day before to GET the tickets, that I am not made of the stuff necessary to withstand 10 degree temperatures (factoring in wind chill) for six or seven hours without moving. I watched it on TV at a friend’s place in D.C. then we jumped on the Metro to experience the crowds at the Mall and attend a hot-chocolate-and-cookies reception in Rep. Lynn Woolsey’s office on Capitol Hill.

Loved every minute, but I was envisioning those warm Scottsdale days just around the corner.

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Tim seems like a “breath of fresh air” in the sea of egos that seem to populate baseball these days. How great it was that he thanked his dad. He obviously appreciates everything his dad did for him. I hope that he has a great year.


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