A Few Answers

Goofus raised an important concern about the blog: “I generally prefer the ‘good’ stories, but just worry that this will be nothing but “PR Spin.”

Because the Giants sign my checks, it’s a reasonable question. So here’s my answer. This blog will, in fact, be different from blogs written by fans or beat writers. I won’t be floating rumors or playing gotcha. I won’t be calling for Bruce Bochy’s head on a platter or second-guessing Brian Sabean or ripping a player for booting a grounder.

So in that way, there is a PR element to the blog. But I can promise that I will never write anything that isn’t true. That’s the journalism part. So I guess this blog is a sort of hybrid.

The way I see it, there is room for a wide range of blogs on the Giants. I love reading the other ones. This is the one to read when you simply want to learn something about the Giants you didn’t know.

Answer to marshall_n_brown about watching “Inside the Clubhouse” CSN shows online: The first one will be available on http://www.sfgiants.com beginning Saturday, January 17.


There is room for all types of blogs here. The blogs are best when the writer writes from the heart.


Thanks. I really enjoy the blog. There isnt anything else out there where you can get this type of inside information. I really enjoy it. Please keep it up.

Thank you! I always want to learn something new about the Giants so I will be coming back to this blog often! Do you know approximately when the next installment of “Inside the Clubhouse” will air?

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