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The Giants and Comcast will make the announcement tomorrow or Wednesday, but you heard it here first: On Friday night at 6:30, Comcast Sports Bay Area will broadcast the first installment of a series called “Inside the Clubhouse.” The hour-long show is, more or less, a taped version of the “Chalk Talk” held for a group of season ticket-holders inside the clubhouse last month. Jon Miller moderated a panel that included Barry Zito, Bruce Bochy, Brian Sabean and Bill Neukom. You’re unlikely to hear a more candid conversation about the Giants present and future. (See my December 22 post for some details of the Chalk Talk.)
The Giants are hosting the second Chalk Talk of the winter on Wednesday, again inside the clubhouse. This one will feature Kevin Frandsen, Fred Lewis and again Miller and Bochy. I’ll be attending and will pass along the highlights.
Thanks, obsessivegiantscompulsive, for your great questions after my last post. I know I can’t answer all of them, but they certainly got the wheels spinning. I’ll take your first question first – some Pablo Sandoval history.
Sandoval, as you know, lit up the clubhouse as soon as he arrived. He is one of those people who make you smile just to look at them. He carried himself like a veteran on the field – particularly, of course, at the plate — but in the clubhouse and even during pregame warm-ups, he was like a kid who sneaked in through a hole in the fence and can’t believe no one has tossed him out yet. Everyone loves him. A few weeks after Sandoval’s arrival, Zito already was calling him his favorite player.
Here is what I know so far about Pablo.
* His father works in management at Monaca Corporation, Venezuela’s second-largest food producer.
* His mother has a small company that sells electronics such as Ipods and televisions. Because she worked long hours, Pablo’s grandmother essentially raised him.
* Pablo is one of five children. His one-year-old sister died when she was a year old in a car accident (Pablo’s mother, Amelia, was driving). Pablo was seven at the time and counts his sister’s death as one of the lowest moments of his life (along with the death of his grandmother three years ago). He has three older brothers. The oldest (29) is a police officer, the second oldest (28) is a criminal attorney and the third, Michael, 26, is also a baseball player, currently in the Mexican League. He was released by the Minnesota Twins last year after reaching the Double-A level.
* He, his wife Yoletzade and their one-year-old daughter, Yoleadny Carolina, lived with Pablo’s parents in Carabobo last off-season but have now found a house of their own to buy, about 20 minutes from his parents. They closed on it at the end of the season.
* Parents stressed education rather than sports, but Pablo convinced his parents to let him sign with the Giants at 16 because his older brother Michael was already in professional baseball in the Twins organization. Pablo talked by phone to Michael every day during the season last year.
* His mother traveled from Venezuela to see Pablo play in the Futures Game in July. Pablo said she cried watching him.
* Pablo began in youth baseball as a shortstop because he idolized Omar Vizquel. He started to believe he could be a major-leaguer when he was 15. During a tournament in Cuba with a Venezuelan team, a scout told Pablo he had the talent to go as far as he wanted. He began working harder after that, lifting weights at the gym.
* The scar under his left eye is sort of baseball-related. He had a plastic baseball bat when he was just a year old and was hitting the family’s pet Doberman with it. The dog bit him on the face. (The family got rid of the dog . . .)


Wow, this blog seems really great!! I love hearing about baseball players as people, not just as players, and knowing about their lives, but it’s hard to get that information. I’m really looking forward to reading this more, especially during the season. All of your entries are really interesting so far.🙂 And thank you soooo much for saying when the Chalk Talk is going to be televised… I heard about it but I couldn’t find when it would be on tv anywhere! I read obsessivegiantscompulsive’s comment on your previous entry, and I really want to know the answers to those questions also!! Especially about Tim Lincecum’s mom and Sergio Romo. I would also like to know more about Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey! Thank you for making this blog!😀

Wow, this blog seems really great!! I love hearing about baseball players as people, not just as players, but those kinds of stories are hard to find. So far, all the entries are really interesting! And thank you soooo much for saying when the Chalk Talk will be televised!! I heard about it and just couldn’t find when it would be on tv. I read obsessivegiantscompulsive’s comment on the last entry, and I’m really interested in all of the answers to those questions also! I would especially like to hear about Tim Lincecum’s mom, because I’ve heard almost nothing about her but a lot about his dad. And I’m also really interested in Sergio Romo, Alex Hinshaw, Madison Bumgarner, and Buster Posey. Thanks for all the stuff on Pablo – he’s one of my favorite players now even though he only played with us for two months! I’m really looking forward to reading this, especially during the season. Thank you for writing this blog!😀

Thanks for the great profile on Pablo!!! I really enjoyed and that’s pretty much what I envisioned he is like as a person, I’m glad to know he’s like that. Then again, I never imagined that his life growing up wasn’t that different from a typical middle-class kid in America, like you or I.

You’re welcome. I didn’t expect you to answer them all, I only hoped you can you can get to some of them when you get the chance, I know you have a lot to do for your job and greatly appreciate that you take time to do this blog. I just have a lot of questions that I would love to see answered, that’s all.

Thank you again for the great Pablo profile information, I have more confidence in him going forward now that I know what he has had to battle to get where he is today. He’s probably going to be moving into a more exclusive neighborhood in a couple of years, as he’s a pretty good hitter and should get to his arbitration years the way he has hit in the minors.

Additional question on Sandoval: I just heard that he played 3B when he signed with the Giants, but then was moved to C because of his body size. Is that correct?

And, wow, it must have been a dream come true, then, to be on the same team as his boyhood hero, Omar Vizquel.

Great blog! Thanks for the background on Sandoval. Nice to see how important family is to him.


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