Inside the Giants Clubhouse

Easiest way to trigger a lively conversation in the Bay Area this week: Mention Manny Ramirez and the Giants.

The Giants would be out of their minds even to consider signing a guy who could disrupt the clubhouse the way this one can.


The Giants would be out of their minds even to consider not signing a guy who could electrify their lineup the way this one can.

This is a perfect debate topic because there is no wrong opinion. You can make a compelling argument for either side – and heaven knows, we’ve been hearing a thousand versions of each on radio shows, blogs, newspapers, TV.

In the center of this swirl sits Brian Sabean.

He sees both sides, too, of course. And he knows there is no mathematical formula that ultimately will yield the one, definitive correct answer. Piecing together a major-league roster – factoring in money, lengths of contracts, immediate vs. future needs, personalities – is an inexact science. It’s about research and analysis, absolutely, but also instinct, experience, opportunism.

In his office at AT&T Park, with the walls covered almost floor to ceiling with the ever-changing rosters of every ML team, Sabean weighs the pros and cons of a player like Ramirez. He says he still hasn’t had anything more than “general conversations” with Scott Boras, Ramirez’s agent, trying to get a sense of their “parameters” as far as money and years, and whether those parameters are worth the Giants’ consideration.

“We have to look at it in a baseball sense, and in a present and future sense,” Sabean said this morning. “It’s a nice idea, but if you’re not any farther along as an organization two years from now, than it doesn’t make sense.

“He’s not in a position we need, but we’re doing our due diligence because he’s a middle-of-the-order hitter and he’s on the free agent market. But you have to consider whether you’re getting a player who allows you to win the division but takes you off course for the long run.”

In other news:

On Jan. 21, Sabean is flying to the Dominican Republic with Larry Baer, John Barr and Bill Neukom to evaluate the organization’s set-up there. The Giants have a field and a dormitory-like building on a U.S. Air Force base in Santa Domingo. The team brings in players they’re looking at, players who perhaps have gone through the Dominican instructional league or summer league. Baer and Neukom have never seen the facility, so it’s something of a goodwill visit. But they also want to gauge if the facility needs upgrading or expansion to strengthen the team’s ability to identify and cultivate Dominican players.

Thanks for reading. Send me questions about the Giants and I’ll do my best to track down the answers.



Love the blog! Thanks for sharing with us the inside info that you get. =) Looking forward to reading your next blog. =)

~King of Cali

I would not want to be in Sabean’s shoe and have to make the “right” decision concerning Manny.


Finally a blog with some insight….Joan let’s talk money
I belive that the Giants will be the West Coast Yankees (but not as dumb) and if you can help me with some answers.

1. When will the Giants retire the debt for At&t Park and what’s that payment
2. How much will the Giants make off there own tv deal
3.Monies being freed up in 2010 is it around 30 million

Do you see any team in the West with this much going for them.
If you can see where I’m going with this is the Giants look great for a long time to come

Great Blog! I love my Cards, but I’m a bit of a closet Giants fan. OK fine, I just like to see Molinas catch.🙂 Thanks for the inside scoop!

This is great information, thank you and keep up the good work!

I like that you will be focusing on the human side. I will assume I have you to thank for the in-depth articles in the media the past two years on Fred Lewis, Angel Villalona, and others

Questions/ideas that come to mind:

* Pablo Sandoval’s personal history would be good to hear about, he has a nice aura around him, the way he carries himself and the way he smiles.

* Something about Lincecum’s mom. I rarely heard anything about her when he joined the team, then was surprised when it was reported that she was Fillipino and thus Lincecum was half.

* Nate Schierholtz is a local kid, I love that the Giants are seemingly drafting more local players, so it would be nice to hear about his background. I used to take baseball in the summer at Chabot, where he played, so I’ve been rooting for Nate since we drafted him.

* I would like to hear what Lewis’s strategy for hitting in the middle of the lineup will differ from what he did when he was leading off. I assume (hope?) it’s more than just swinging for the fences more and was curious.

* What is Lincecum’s routine year-round? What does he do in the off-season, then what does he doing during the season?

* What is Matt Cain’s personal background? He’s been around for three seasons now, and I’ve hardly seen anything on him, an in-depth profile would be nice. Seems like a nice kid.

* An indepth profile of Angel Villalona. How did he become such a baseball wunderkind? Was there a league he played in or was it just sandlot play? How did the Giants discover him? I read that an edge we had was the relationship forged with him, how did the Giants get to do that while another team didn’t? Was it as simple as our scout believed in him and others didn’t?

* Something similar for Rafael Rodriguez.

* Personal backgrounds of any of the following: Bumgarner, Alderson, Pucetas, Sosa. They should be the core of the next wave of good Giants pitchers, so I’m curious about them.

* I would also be curious about Sergio Romo’s personal history, I saw him in an interview and he seemed like a down to earth guy, he would be interesting to hear about.

* Indepth interview with Brian Sabean. What can he share about his philosophies and strategies? What he learned from each of his jobs leading up to SF GM that he applies as GM? What did Pat Dobson teach him?

* John Barr’s drafting philosophy.

* Information on Ehire Adrianza. He could be the fanboy’s and girl’s next new shiny prospect.

You’d know better than I, but I still think the safe bet is Manny Ramirez in either a Dodgers uni or on the Mets in ’09 and beyond. More than likely the Dodgers…he was too good not to keep around. Few guys bring to the field what a paycheck like Manny’s would call for. He could deliver without a doubt. I know it boils down to does he want to…but that’s a chance I think is definitely worth taking when it comes to Manny.

Prose and Ivy

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